Our orchard; located in Inner Aegean region of Anatolia at 38°34’4.48″N latitude, 31°14’0.38″E longitude, at an elevation of 997 meters; is situated on Sultandag – Aksehir line where 200 000 tons of cherries are produced per year which is equal to 35% of Turkish cherry production.

Our orchard is composed of cherry trees with Maxima 14 rootstocks which include the varieties of Regina and Ziraat 900 varieties. The plantation was done in 2012.

As a region, we produce cherries free from “Ceratitis capitata” (Mediterranean fruit fly) and “Drosophila suzukii” (Spotted wing drosophila).

We are one of the few orchards authorized to sell fruit to China, South Korea and Taiwan. (Document No: TR 2019 03-16-03)

Our harvest time is between July 1st and July 25th.

For furthter information please do not hesitate to contact us.